Media Offered

Media Offered

OOH Media

Either its Fixed or Transit i.e. Road Billboards, Malls, Metro, Railways, Airports & Vehicle Warps we have them all.

Online & Digital

Want to target search results, put up display banners on specific sites or on mobile apps, want to target through social media we cover all.


Looking forward to capture millions of eye balls nationwide or globally we can help achieve the same with Television Ads.


A traditional media still popular to capture audience who are attracted towards music and love listening radio.

Print Media

Years have passed but the oldest media still got its charm & effectiveness. Newspapers, Posters, Leaflets etc we can cover all.

Retail Media

Why not push the clients for buying when they are in mood of buying. We can help you achieve the same through various options in retail.

Integrated Options

Got bored of traditional cluttering media? Well, then lets hit hard on your audience’s heart through their role models.

One on One

Your product/ service requires explanation & one on one interaction with your clients. Then we have direct promotion executives just for you.

Alternate Media

Don’t want to go with any of these. Don’t worry we have a option, our team will think & create a new innovative media just for you.

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